The Law of the “Lid” – Ability determines Effectiveness


The Law of the “Lid”
“Personal and Organizational effectiveness is proportionate to the strength of leadership.” – John Maxwell.

     [Law 1 modified for fathers, based on John Maxwell’s “21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership”]

Weak fathers produce weak sons, which perpetuates a destructive cycle for both that family and the communities around them.

Pessimists:  Some will read the Law of the Lid and be discouraged, because they aren’t “born leaders.”
That happens when we focus on our weaknesses and shortcomings, and forget we can all improve.

The Good News:  We all have the ability to learn, grow, and improve our current state!  (Raise our “lid”)
And that’s the point – we should always be improving.
By improving, we raise our “lid,” and our whole family benefits.

But you must take action to improve!
Seek out greater wisdom from other experienced fathers, and by reading trusted sources on fathering.
Then put them into practice.  You must have a plan you are committed to executing.

The strengths you develop and use, and the wisdom you share will have a profound impact on everyone in your household.

So don’t focus on what you don’t know, and don’t accept your “current state.”
Do what you would do in any other important circumstance – seek greater knowledge and improve.
Raise your “Lid” and give more to your son, so you can bring him clarity in a very confusing world.

Action Steps

  1.  Name 2 areas of your fathering that you think could use some improvement or more creative ideas.
  2.  Get specific on each area, and be specific about the outcome you want to see.
  3.  Go to whatever calendar or scheduling system you use and schedule appropriate times to research your topic, and then write your ideas and plan of action.  (You may want to give your wife a heads up before making announcements if it involves her or the whole family)
  4.  Now schedule the time when you want to put your plan in action.  Sometimes it’s a conversation you need to have, or a family meeting to announce a change.  Whatever it is, it’s best to schedule it now so you see the time approaching and prepare.  Otherwise, your time will be filled by the normal occurrences of life, and nothing will change.
  5.  Remember to follow through with your plan.  Your family is watching, in particular your son.  Schedule future occurrences if it’s a recurring item, like a regular conversation or event.

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