Available Courses

Inside your Membership Course you’ll find simple but powerful tools that will help you Connect and Mentor your son into manhood.
And you have 2 Membership Types to choose from:

1. The STANDARD version has all the trainings you can see in the descriptions below.
2. The BIBLE-BASED version has everything in the STANDARD version, but applies scripture and other biblical resources to the trainings.

Fathers Raising Sons

$ 9 / month annual
( $12 / month-to-month also available )
  • An Age-based conversations
  • Weekly discussion topics video
  • Ongoing journal for keepsake
  • Father’s Legacy of teachings

Fathers Raising Sons

$ 9 / month annual
( $12 / month-to-month also available )
  • An Age-based conversations
  • Weekly discussion topics video
  • Ongoing journal for keepsake
  • Father’s Legacy of teachings


Here are 5 Main Goals we believe must be achieved for success:

  1. We must cover the most valuable lessons and character trainings that a young man needs to know as he becomes a man.
  2. They must be presented in a way that our sons Look Forward To Your Time Together.  So it cannot feel like a lecture or be boring, but must engage our sons and be conversational. 
  3. Lessons Must Build Upon Each Other, like pieces of a puzzle that create a whole picture in the end. 
  4. It must be Specific To Their Ages, with the 16-18 year old trainings transitioning to include leadership training based on some of the best experts of our time (John Maxwell, Zig Ziglar, Dave Ramsey, Dr. Gary Chapman, etc.) 
  5. This Has To Feel Simple and Natural.  Your unique stories and personality are central to each conversation, and each lesson is very easy to hear and deliver in the framework we give you.


  • A MEMBERSHIP PORTAL that stores all the age-specific trainings, your notes, photos, etc. 
  • An AGE-SPECIFIC CURRICULUM of trainings for your son(s);
  • A WEEKLY EMAIL or TEXT each Friday with a link to the training for that week;
  • A VIDEO and TEXT TRANSCRIPT of each training so you can choose which method you prefer;
  • A NOTES feature so you can leave comments about your interactions;
  • Our “10 FOUNDATIONS OF MANHOOD FRAMEWORK“ that all the individual conversations support;
  • The “CHARACTER VISION” chart resource – a simple accountability tool for your son to use, along with other resources to inspire the mind; 
  • And to take it to the next level, we are working with Shutterfly to design *THE FATHER’S LEGACY KEEPSAKE PHOTOBOOK.  The goal here is to not only have something that allows you to remember your talks with your sons, but to pass on the legacy to him when he gets married so he has a plan to follow with his sons. 

Not only do we have the STANDARD version, but we also have a BIBLE-BASED version that applies scripture and other resources to the trainings.

So it’s all Done 4 You!  

All you have to do is watch the videos, put your personal flavor on the lessons, and have a great time engaging with your son! 

You get all of this for as little as $9.00/month for an annual membership!


As Additional Bonuses, I am also including video explanations for:

  1. How To Start The Conversation:  You don’t want to jump out there and fail immediately, so this resource gives you pointers on how to start meeting with your son and set yourself up for success.
  2. Secrets of the Character Goals Chart:  You’ll be pleasantly surprised to see your son not only decide what character traits he wants to aspire to, he’ll even start eliminating bad habits!  This tool is used throughout the training.

I hope you’re excited!   

That’s just $9.00/month for all this Done 4 You training!

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