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Fathers Raising Sons was created to help fathers build a great personal relationship with their sons using a simple model to connect on the important things in life.

I created this resource because I looked and looked but couldn’t find a guide or plan to follow for engaging and teaching my sons what they needed to know to be men in this world. I didn’t grow up with a father myself, and I definitely wanted my sons to avoid the myriad of mistakes I made growing up without my dad’s guidance.

This resource combines the multitude of wisdom I’ve received and researched from the best authors and speakers over the last 20 years. Men that are keenly aware of the need for boys and young men to find their identity early so they can be confident in their roles as men.


The Mission is simple but profoundly impactful:

Equip 100,000 men to build great relationships with their sons by building their son’s character through the imparting of the wisdom they’ve both experienced and found.

And doing so in a way that opens the channels of communication to listen to our sons, coach them through challenges, encourage and affirm them, call them up to higher thinking, and prepare them for success in life.

Our Vision is that through these fathers, together we will produce men of honor and integrity that will lead others to reach higher as well, and turn around the epidemic of unmotivated hopeless boys in our culture.  And our sons will take the same model they learned, and teach it to their sons to multiply the effects through the generations. 

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