Age 18: MONTH 1 – “Be A Lifelong Learner”

A man quickly learns that to succeed he must become a Lifelong Learner.

Four basic areas of learning are:

1. Physical: Learning how to do things physically, like hammer a nail, throw a ball,
2. Academic: Things you learn at school, college, etc.
3. Relationships: Learning how to build relationships with all kinds of people is a critical skill that you’ll use all your life.
4. Wisdom: the ability to think and act using knowledge, experience, understanding, common sense and insight.

Examples of continuous learning and how it benefits you.
Construction: What if you only learned one skill? That would limit your ability to make more money, get more jobs, be more valuable to your employer, etc.

To “Teach What You Know” you’re going to need to learn lots of new things, continuously.

Now let’s get your son talking and interacting.
Here are some questions to ask him to get his mind inspired:

– Can you think of people around you that continue to learn?
– What kind of things are they learning?
– Why do you think they do that?
– Do you see how it helps them? In what ways?
– Do you see how it helps others? In what ways?

The reason I want to teach you this is that I have personally seen the benefits of being a lifelong learner in my life.
And I want you to experience this as well so you can grow and become the man you’ve been created to be!

(Don’t forget to make notes/journal about this encounter in the Notes section for your Father’s Legacy keepsake)

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